Dirty Minds

Dirty minds will give you three clues and you need to guess the answer.  A set of clues might be:  A four letter word, name for a woman, ends in U-N-T.  Then you need to guess what the answer is.

All of the clues and answers are competely clean, were you thinking Aunt?  Or do you have a Dirty Mind.                                                        
  Also available . .
MORE DIRTY MINDS                                 $22.95
Get Screwed

Get Screwed is the adult version of "go fish" except you will be asking for different items.  If someone asks you for a card you don't have you tell them to GET SCREWED.
What the F*CK Drinking Game
What the F*CK?  Try to guess what other players are going to answer to the most ridiculous set of questions imaginable.  If you do not correctly predict a player's response, you take a one, two or three drink penalty.  The game includes over 400 questions.  2-100 players.

Drink responsibly.
OR Raunchy Version    $16.95
Many NEW! Card Games available including:
*Beer                *Truth or Dare Poker
*Sex                 *Sex on the Brain 
*Old Maid        *Willie's
*Charades        *Boobie's
                                                                          $8.95 - $12.95
Lovers Lotto

Each card contains a WHAT, WHERE, and a WHEN on each line.
Scratch one of each -
example:  Lick favorite body part -In kitchen - At Midnight                                                                                                                                       
Use at home or fun to include in a wedding, anniversary, or birthday card.
$7.95/pack of 12
Dirty Dice
One die will tell you what you need to do while the other tells you where you are doing it.  Have Fun!!                                        $7.95 pair

One die will tell you what room you will be in the other die tells you what position to do it in.  Lots of fun!!                                    $7.95 pair
Foreplay Card Game

Play any regular card game with the cards provided.  Or you can play Foreplay cards.  You choose if you want to play the conservative OR the wild instruction given.                                                                           
Enchanting Evening

A wonderful game for a couple!  The game begins by each player writing down a "secret wish".  The players then move around the board drawing cards - the cards direct the players actions.

example:  The "How much feeling can you put into a kiss contest" has just begun, you're
a contestant and you have to give your partner the winning kiss!

The first player to reach the finish gets his/her "Secret Wish" fulfilled that evening.  However in this game both players win!!
Hugs & Kisses Coupon Book

These coupons you can exchange with your partner.
Romantic Coupons    $3.95
X-Rated Coupons      $4.95